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Training Services / Free Career counseling 🙁 Telecom industry 4G /5G)

100% overall Practical Training on Global software DT Tools with updated version :

DT Software Tools TEMS NEMO XCAL AZQ Genexprob
Report Making Tools TEMS Discovery Nemo Analyzer Mapinfo Actix

• ASCOM Services training programs are designed to give comprehensive overview of Communication system, GSM system & LTE standard system to the candidates. These training programs provide practical approach of Telecommunication industry with giving the brief ideas of new telecom terminologies. This training programs discusses the differences between various access technologies and standards, including LTE, GSM architecture, air interface standards, call flow system and discusses the wireless broadband networks with their applications and standards, wireless technology, & mainly Drive test optimization process on global software tools with Live sites .

✓ In first meet free career counseling by our top most senior telecom professional.

✓ Personal guidance in every step.

✓ Basic telecom technology classes to build fundamentals.

✓ Doubt clearing in every step training to joining

✓ Executive course material.

✓ Unlimited live demo – on running network

✓ Experience certificate after training

✓ Highly confidence level build up for interview

✓ Life time support for only our good candidates during job period.

✓ No hidden cost / security money / placement fees ( assured joining within training period )

✓ Special class manages for professionals.

✓ Selection only basis of merits, basic idea telecom, smartness, decent attitude, energetic.

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